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Gambling and Betting

Gambling and betting can take place through many means: lotteries, bingos, sports bets, slot machines, card games, online games, etc. Gambling is participation in games of which the result rests often on chance and rarely on strategy. It sometimes involves bets with money or objects of value. For most people, the act of playing is not a problem. However, gambling and betting can have adverse effects on the person who gambles/bets and his/her family and friends, such as depression, anxiety, bankruptcy, divorce, fraud, job loss, etc. The gambling/betting could lead to an addiction.

The behaviour of someone who gambles is influenced by three main factors: the structure of the game itself, the person’s traits and the environment where the gambling occurs. The structure of the game makes it more or less prone to excess. If it can be played continuously, small prizes can be awarded often, in spite of significant losses, and it is readily available, the gambler remains enthralled and is motivated to play.

People who are exposed to gambling and betting at a young age, those who have low self-esteem or those who seek out strong sensations or are prone to impulsivity are the most vulnerable when it comes to gambling and betting.

Finally, the player’s surroundings help increase the risk of that person developing a gambling problem. Various affordable games that are readily accessible at all times (via Internet for example) help heighten the risk of addiction. Marketing and advertising sheds a lot of light on gambling, making it seem more attractive and socially acceptable.

Since the act of playing no longer remains just that, one has to be mindful of the potential gambling precursors. In the Useful Links section, you will find a short questionnaire that will assess your gambling/betting profile. You will also find help references and information for you or your family and friends who are suffering from this addiction. Don’t hesitate to try these tools!

Do you need help?

Centre d'aide 24/7: Ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre. Listening, crisis intervention, halfway housing for people suffering from mental health issues, pathological gambling/betting, alcoholism and drug abuse.

19, rue Caron
Gatineau (Québec)  J8Y 1Y6

Centre de réadaptation en dépendance de l'Outaouais Ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre.: rehabilitation services for people in the region suffering from alcohol problems, drug abuse and gambling/betting addiction. It also offers assistance to sufferers’ family and friends. You must therefore contact or go to your CSSS to access the centre’s services.

Jeu: aide et référence: Ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre. 1 800 461-0140

Tel-Jeunes: Ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre. 1-800-263-2266

For other resources, view the list of community groups devoted to combating addictions to alcohol, drugs and betting/gambling Ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre..

Useful links

Questionnaire - Quel est votre profil de joueur? Évaluez-vous! Ouvre une nouvelle fenêtre.

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