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Uranium in well water

Uranium is naturally occurring in the ground in Outaouais. Uranium is also found in the water table (groundwater body that feeds into drinking wells). The risks for contamination of the water tables is higher where uranium concentrations in rock are high. This contaminated water can be found in well water. Uranium in wells, however, is not uniform. In the same neighbourhood, some homeowners may discover uranium in high amounts in their wells while their neighbours will find almost none. One can therefore not predict which wells have uranium amounts that exceed the regulation standard for the quality of drinking water.

La Haute-Gatineau and the municipalities of Chelsea and Cantley have moderately high concentrations of natural uranium in water in certain parts of their territory.

What are the health risks?

Uranium in water can cause renal dysfunction or even increase it in people who already suffer from it.

Do you own a private well in Haute-Gatineau, Chelsea or Cantley?

During your next bacterial analysis (of your water), ask for a reading to be done on the amount of uranium. If the reading exceeds the standard of 20 μg/L (20 micrograms per litre), stop drinking the water from your well until you have installed an effective system for removing uranium.

Warning! Boiling water does not remove uranium from water. You must install an efficient purification system to remove the uranium from the water. You must also ensure that it is correctly installed and well maintained according to factory recommendations.

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