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Statistics: state of health of the general population

The monitoring service of the Public Health Department carries out continued monitoring of the general population’s health. In particular, it is reviewing lifestyles and other factors that influence health, also called “health risk factors”.

To do so, socio-health enquiries (among others) are carried out with respect to the general population and some records, like those of births and deaths, are used.

In this section, you will find statistics on the health of Outaouais’s general population.

Portrait de santé rapide

Vous voulez des informations sur l'état de santé de la population de l'Outaouais ?  Vous n'avez pas le temps de consulter notre Portrait de santé complet ?  Parcourez notre « Portrait de santé rapide » de la population de l'Outaouais (NOUVEAUTÉ octobre 2015)

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